Eggstreme Hoptastic Galaxy craft Super Hopping Easter Sale

Hello Again! Easter is here (almost) and I thought its a good excuse for a sale so why the hell not, plus bunnies are amazing so yeah From now until … Continue Reading →


Minecraft forum page

Did you know that galaxycraft has a minecraft forum page? The post can be found here Help promote the server by posting something nice about the server on the page. … Continue Reading →


New Mob Arena

Frost¬† The mountains echo as the screams of the undead ¬†awaken. You stand with your party of heros at the base camp of the mountain. From there you will hack, … Continue Reading →


Galaxycraft teamspeak server

You have spoken and galaxycraft now has a teamspeakserver that you can join at any time. Download teamspeak 3 and connect to “galaxycraft.teamspeak.vg” using the password “gc”. If that doesn’t … Continue Reading →


1.7.6> does not work on GC, you need to downgrade

Once again a new minecraft version arives and this time, it is not backwards compatible. Because GC is running bukkit you will need to downgrade to minecraft version 1.7.5 to … Continue Reading →

Reporting issues

While playing on GC (or any server for that matter), you will most likley encounter some issues and reporting them is verry important How to report an issue The best … Continue Reading →


Feb Changelog and update

Hi Guys Ima try and do one of these every month just to keep you all updating on what has happened, what’s happening and any news so here it is … Continue Reading →


Competition: Make a youtube banner

Woodgolem25 has been made master of the galaxycraft youtube channel and has decided he wants a new banner for the channel so he wants you guys to make one. Thats … Continue Reading →


New VIP Donation System!

Hey guys, we have updated the VIP Ranks. The new ranks are: Coal Iron Redstone Gold Emerald Diamond Bedrock (Sponsor) Coal: More homes New NameTag Player name colour change /Tpa … Continue Reading →

Replace your PS stones to avoid being griefed

Due to soup changing the way PS stones are stored on the server, all previous PS stones have been removed which means you will need to replace them if you … Continue Reading →