1.8 is out, downgrade to 1.7 to play on GC

Once again, an update for minecraft has been released and as usual, it takes a while for bukkit and plugins to update. If you want to play on GC you … Continue Reading →


Competition winners

The staff statue competition has finally been judged. Here are the whinners: 1: Icabob711 2: Omega402 3: Plotplayer Congratulations to all the winners!

Competition update

The deadline for the staff statue competition has been reached. Doc who is the judge for the competition has gone on vacation and will judge the competition when he gets … Continue Reading →

Competition – Build a staff statue * UPDATE*

Update The deadline for the competition has been moved to June 15 instead of 16. Please post the coordinates of your finished statues in the comments here It’s time for … Continue Reading →


New Spawn – Economy 2.0

Hello again!   Once more there has been a few changes we have made a new spawn with lots of information so hopefully this will be an improvement and the … Continue Reading →


Dynmap! –

I was meant to post this a while ago but we now have dynmap, it took a while to set up but woo! check it out its pretty cool, it … Continue Reading →


We now have factions!

Due to popular demand we have now added factions to the hardcore world, simply type /warp h to get to the hardcore world and join or start a faction! Type … Continue Reading →


Shops being removed from survival!

in exactly 2 weeks from today, on the 9th of may, Shops will be removed and wiped due to being moved to the SHOP world. if your items are not … Continue Reading →


Eggstreme Hoptastic Galaxy craft Super Hopping Easter Sale

Hello Again! Easter is here (almost) and I thought its a good excuse for a sale so why the hell not, plus bunnies are amazing so yeah From now until … Continue Reading →


Minecraft forum page

Did you know that galaxycraft has a minecraft forum page? The post can be found here Help promote the server by posting something nice about the server on the page. … Continue Reading →