black friday

Black Friday One Day Sale! 75% Off!

As the title says, for one day only, this black friday will have 75% off the entire catalogue. Woot


Halloween Contest: Winners!

The results are in and this was a close one, i was surprised at how many really good entries there was and the results may surprise you.   In First … Continue Reading →


Spooky Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner and geneco is already performing rituals and sacrificing rabbits so that means its almost time for trick or treating, so here from galaxy craft … Continue Reading →


The first mod has been chosen

We have now chosen the first new mod and the “lucky” player is Icabob711. She will mostly be responsible for player releated stuff like taking care of griefing and looking … Continue Reading →


Looking for new mods

We are now looking for new mods again, send your application below and we will choose the best one (if we find any good :D)   Nows the time to … Continue Reading →


A brand new world!

Galaxycraft has finally been updated to something resembeling 1.8 and along with that we have reset the map and revamped some parts of the server. If you are interested in … Continue Reading →


One step closer to 1.8

1.8 clients I have now upgraded the server to something called spiggot which allows you to connect using 1.8 clients like you normally would. The diffirence is that the server … Continue Reading →


1.8 is out, downgrade to 1.7 to play on GC

Once again, an update for minecraft has been released and as usual, it takes a while for bukkit and plugins to update. If you want to play on GC you … Continue Reading →


Competition winners

The staff statue competition has finally been judged. Here are the whinners: 1: Icabob711 2: Omega402 3: Plotplayer Congratulations to all the winners!

Competition update

The deadline for the staff statue competition has been reached. Doc who is the judge for the competition has gone on vacation and will judge the competition when he gets … Continue Reading →