Galaxycraft 2.5 Changelog!

as you know mongi was planning on doing 2.1 but i’ve decided to re-dub it 2.5 as its so much more then it was before and i wanted to keep you guys updated on what has been happening.

– Death Messages
– Added Email account
– Server has moved host (No more Dedi!)
– Cleaned up World Folders
– Rebooted Twitter and youtube accounts!
– Redid Website
– MCMMO Removed From Hardcore
– Resource World Deleted
– Skyblocks Fixed and re added
– Removed /Back From Hardcore
– 2.5 Spawn Town Finished

Currently Working on
– Plugin Updates

Needs Starting
– Do something with Map viewer
– Some Sort of “Shop” Area
– Plot Rental Plugin
– Add Votifier
– Add Tokens
– Create a PVP Arena
– Add a PVE Arena (Boss Mob)
– Re Add Spleef
– Make Changes to VIP Perks (After 2.5)
– Fix Hardcore (This won’t be done for 2.5 Release)
– Economy Fixed (Again this won’t be done for 2.5 Release

This list will be updated as things change

<3 Soupazade

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